Special thanks to everyone that took part in Lori Memsic's TRMC Birthday Fundriaser. Lori raised over $400 in support of TRMC, so thank you all for your contributions. (Alphabetically)

Monica Gornick Eakin 
Linda Fisher 
Tina Heffernan
Greta Jean  
Susan Habvadne Kash 
Bob Killough 
Jean Lachowicz 
Kevin Mach 
Steve Mathiesen 
Lori Memsic
Kim Auld Miner
Lizzie Onionhead 
Rosemary Mizerak Sicola 
Kris Voras 

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Mission Statement

"The Most Important thing is the music"

For those of you who have "Liked" the page and joined the group, I want to say thank you. I have been working on this dream for about 9 years. It started after a friend of mine said to me  "Why don't you build an all Todd station? We'll at the time, I was too busy with work, but over the next few years, I built the station and I've been listening ever since. Now I've put it up for everyone and I just want to make it better everyday. If you have any thoughts on anything here, please write. I want to know how we can join together to make this the best Utopian station ever. TRMC is the first and only "All Todd, All The Time" radio station in the world; Our Dream  Lives On Forever.

Al Cannon - TRMC


Help Keep The Todd Rundgren Music Channel Alive & Streaming.

I have created The Todd Rundgren Music Channel for the enjoyment of all who love Todd Rundgren's work and what he has brought to our lives. His music is the soundtrack of who we are. Help me keep the Live Stream up and running. Your donations will help pay for music royalties, streaming fees, this website and more. This project is a labor of love and I thank you in advance for your contribution.

Al Cannon, Toddfans.com