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"The Most Important thing is the music"

For those of you who have "Liked" the page and joined the group, I want to say thank you. I have been working on this dream for about 9 years. It started after a friend of mine said to me  "Why don't you build an all Todd station? We'll at the time, I was too busy with work, but over the next few years, I built the station and I've been listening ever since. Now I've put it up for everyone and I just want to make it better everyday. If you have any thoughts on anything here, please write. I want to know how we can join together to make this the best Utopian station ever. TRMC is the first and only "All Todd, All The Time" radio station in the world; Our Dream  Lives On Forever.

Al Cannon - TRMC


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I know I don't do this often enough, but wanted to let you folks know how much your efforts are appreciated. I'm really enjoying what you're playing this morning!! You just kinda struck a chord with me. For me, it was a bunch of less familiar stuff or that I haven't heard in a long time. What a nice way to start the day!! Thanks, again!! I also made a small donation for the cause. You ARE being heard out here!! Bob Campbell

Love the variety of TR’s songs played ...(usually)and the random addition of songs by his collaborations w/ other artists he’s produced or artists that cover TR’s songs! - Jenny Carroll

Lifelong listener here, I was delighted to find this channel and so far, TRMC has surprised and delighted me every time I listen. Thrilled with the depth and breadth of material, finding this app made my week. Thank you so much for doing this. - Stephanie Borns​

Just shouting out from Glasgow, Scotland. No better way to work! - Murray Rogers

Woo hoo! Had to donate when I heard "Magic Me!" Thank you Al, every day, for playing the great music! Peace & love, Susan Berkeley 

Hi from Glasgow. On to ToddScot today! It's a beautiful day, have a great one and thank you for the awesome setlist this morning! Drew Tamaki

I am donating again because I listen to TRMC every day.  I also wanted to say thanks for posting the Utopia tour details back when they first announced it.  Because I checked your website, I saw it and got tickets right away.  I hope lots of Todd fans get to go as the tour continues.  But in any case we can always listen to the fantastic music on your station.  Thanks again,  Jeff  - 5-4-18

This ardent member of the Secret Society extends to you much joy and gratitude! For your sharing this wonderful music: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! -Joe.

I recently discovered your channel, jumped for joy, and donated to thank you. For those of us who love his music and appreciate his unbelievable talent - from the beginning through today - this is a wish come true. All of the comments express my thoughts too. Mark's post would be what I would try to say, only he said it better! Karen.  11-30-17

I just found your station; linked from a Todd site update I believe, and I'm absolutely loving it. I know so many of these songs it's scary! But hey, I AM a Todd fan! (..and proud of it!) Each song takes me back to a certain point in my life it seems and reminds me of how important he's been in my life. These songs have always been there to amuse, comfort, guide, criticize, help and love. I appreciate this music so much I can't even begin to express it. So let it suffice to say, Thanks Todd! (..and too all of the Utopians too!) Great job with the site. I'll be listening, like I have been for so long. -Mark

Thanks for all your work on this great channel! Kip

Just donated because I love the station. - Ed

Best radio station ever. I have all / most of what you play, but never hear it like this. It does me ears good! I Just want to thank you for doing this. I listen to the station when i am working out and you get me through it with a smile on my face. - Linda

Thanks for keeping it online, thanks for keeping it real! Z-man

Let me start by saying THANK YOU for making Todd's music available 24/7!!! I've been a fan for many many years.Peace, Kathy

Just want to thank you for doing this. I have the station on when I am working out and you help get me through it with a smile on my face. - L. Fisher.

Love your channel/app! Thanks for sharing your labor of love. - Lori

HUGE Todd fan. Just discovered the stream today. Loving. Thank you, and I will continue to donate when I can. Vicki

Thanks for keeping it online, thanks for keeping it real! Z-man

Thank you for all the hard work you have put into this. I am a die-hard fan, but there is stuff here I haven't heard for along time or haven't heard at all. This project is truly "Love in Action". - Charlotte

This is the greatest thing I have ever heard. Keep rockin' man your doing a great job!- Bill

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Help Keep The Todd Rundgren Music Channel Alive & Streaming.

I have created The Todd Rundgren Music Channel for the enjoyment of all who love Todd Rundgren's work and what he has brought to our lives. His music is the soundtrack of who we are. Help me keep the Live Stream up and running. Your donations will help pay for music royalties, streaming fees, this website and more. This project is a labor of love and I thank you in advance for your contribution.

Al Cannon, Toddfans.com